Podcast A bi-weekly podcast featuring the key individuals in Olympic Weightlifting from OLIFT Magazine.

Thought-provoking talks with today’s most influential weightlifters, coaches, and contributors to Olympic Weightlifting. With every episode, we raise the bar and bring you quality Weightlifting content that is educational, relevant, and entertaining.

Episode 25 – 2017 National Junior Championship Preview with Mike Graber

Episode 24 – O, Where Have You Been?

Episode 23 – American Open 20116 Preview, Part 2

Episode 22 – American Open 20116 Preview, Part 1

Episode 21 – Kevin Doherty, Hassle Free Barbell

Episode 20 – Rule Changes and the 2017 Competition Calendar

Episode 19 – Sight and Sound of Weightlifting

Episode 18 – The Jerk: Split Vs Power

Episode 17 – The Next Quad

Episode 16 – Linzey Beister, Gold Coast Weightlifting (Australia)

Episode 15 – Olympic Games Rio 2016 Preview

Episode 14 – Big News from Phil Andrews, USAW CEO

Phil Andrews, USA Weightlifting CEO, informed us that there would be some exciting new hires to join their team. Two international know individuals who have made significant contributions to Weightlifting. This episode is a must if you want to know what’s happening over the next quad for Weightlifting in America!

Episode 13 – Interview with Oscar Chaplin

Oscar Chaplin III is a two-time Olympian, multi-time national champion and American record holder. We discuss his start in Weightlifting, his experiences as one of the best lifters in American history, and what he’s doing in the Weightlifting community today!

Episode 12 – Round Table Discussion: Doping, USAW Resident Program, and Rio

With all the doping sanctions in sport just before the Rio Olympics, it’s an appropriate time to discuss how it all affects Weightlifting. Also, the USAW Resident Athlete program, which housed and supported some of our nation’s best lifters, has been shut down. Lastly, we discuss the affairs surrounding the Rio Olympics, and our Olympic Weightlifting team.

Episode 11 – Matt Foreman

Matt Foreman is a Weightlifter, a coach, a teacher, and a writer. We interviewed Foreman because of his long-running history in Olympic Weightlifting and because his passion helping others become better Weightlifters.

Episode 10 – Dan Brown Part 2

On this episode we discuss The American System of Weightlifting

Episode 9 – Nationals & Trials Recap

On this episode, JP and Anton discuss the aftermath of the 2016 USA Weightlifting Nationals and Olympic Trials.

Episode 8 – Nationals Preview

May 3, 2016 – 1 hour, 11 minutes, 51 seconds

On this episode of The O, we sat down with the Two Doctors, and Sean Waxman to discuss the National Weightlifting Championships and the Olympic Trials.

Episode 7 – Jessica Lucero 

April 25, 2016 – 25 minutes, 4 seconds

On this episode of The O, we interview Jessica Lucero. Jessica is lifter with over a decade of competitive experience, and she’s recently set a Senior American Record in the Snatch (92kg at 58kg bodyweight), she won the 2015 National Senior Championships, and she was a 2015 World Team member.

Episode 6 – Eddie Camacho & Quinn Henoch

April 11, 2016 – 1 hour, 52 seconds

On this episode of The O, we interview Eddie Camacho (Chiropractor) and Quinn Henoch (Physical Therapist). They are both weightlifters, clinicians, and they are putting in great efforts to help Olympic Weightlifters prevent injuries and recovery better.

Episode 5 – James Tatum 

March 28, 2016 – 16 minutes, 49 seconds

On this episode of The O, we interview James “The Beard” Tatum. Jams is a two-time American Open Champion, Nationals Silver Medalist, Pan Am and World Team Member.

Episode 4 – Dan Brown

March 12, 2016 – 36 minutes, 56 seconds

In this episode of The O, we interview Dan Brown, owner and head coach of Lift Lab Co. Dan shares his experiences as an athlete, Strength & Conditioning, coaching, and running a business.

Episode 3 – Mark Cannella

February 19, 2016 – 20 minutes, 31 seconds

Mark Cannella, the man responsible for bringing the Olympic Weightlifting competition to the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Learn about the history of this event and where it’s going.

Episode 2 – Issue Preview & Roundtable Discussion

February 18, 2016 28 minutes, 26 seconds

OLIFT Staff Writers discuss the upcoming issue of OLIFT Magazine and they talk about the upcoming events in Olympic Weightlifting.

Episode 1 – Angelo Bianco

February 17, 2016 24 minutes, 15 seconds

Angelo Bianco is one of the top 77 kilogram Weightlifters in the country. He’s fairly new to the sport as he’s only competed for just under two years, and he’s already gunning for a spot on the Olympic team. Meet Angelo, learn more about his story, and follow his journey.

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