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OLIFT Magazine is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced coaches, athletes and scholars. If you’re passionate about weightlifting, come join our team! Learn more about each person by reading their descriptions below:

Internal Team

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.50.49 PMAnton Jefferson, Publisher of OLIFT Magazine
. Anton was a collegiate middle-distance runner, and now he’s a weightlifter and a coach. Anton is living and working in Hong Kong as a full time weightlifting coach, and he’s passionate about promoting Olympic weightlifting to the world!


elliot headshotElliot Bauer, OlyStats.com and Co-founder of OLIFT Magazine – Elliot is an athlete and a weightlifting coach. Elliot has competed as a rower, CrossFitter and weightlifter.


kathy-1173 (2)Kathy Friend, Executive Editor – Kathy Friend is a U.S. Army veteran, Army wife and mother of three. She has competed as a Masters athlete since 2013. Kathy is currently spreading the love of Olympic Weightlifting to CrossFitters on US Army Garrison Yongsan, South Korea, where she works as a personal trainer. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Science in Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion and is a self-proclaimed member of the grammar police.


Michelle Mok, michellemok.com and Creative Director/Designer at OLIFT Magazine – Everything behind the pages of OLIFT Magazine that needs to be designed, she is responsible for. Michelle lives in Chicagoland, is a weightlifter for Sayre Park Weightlifting Club and a freelance graphic designer. You’ve probably seen some of her photos of lifters at Sayre Park as well as local competitions around Chicago.

Staff Writers

boffa1David Boffa, TheHumanCircus.coma former National-level Olympic Weightlifter, a current former member of USAW’s Board of Directors, and one half of the Two Doctors Podcast. Though he was never a great lifter his career highlights do include beating Mike Tirrito at Nationals one year (and he is a great lifter). Boffa enjoys Olympic Weightlifting, reading, maple syrup, and mustaches.

ed herger portraitEd Herger – The Altar of Sport (TAOS) – Edward Herger has been involved in Olympic Weightlifting since 1998; he competed at the Junior World Championships 2001, Thessaloniki, Greece along with numerous national medal performances over several years. Ed is a mechanical engineer by profession with a Masters of Science in this field which included in depth research into the mechanics of the materials which compose the human body.

harvey_newton portraitHarvey Newton – Newton Sports – Harvey Newton, USA Weightlifting’s first national coach, is the author of the popular Explosive Lifting for Sports. He holds a BA in psychology from the University of Central Florida and an MA in Sociology (coaches’ education emphasis) from the University of Colorado. Newton served as Olympic, Pan Am Games, and world championship team coach, and USA Weightlifting’s executive director. Later he served as executive director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He owns Newton Sports, a noted national and international provider of weightlifting and strength training educational program.

JP_HeadshotJohn-Paul (JP) Nicoletta – WeightliftingMindset.com, USAW Technical Official – JP Nicoletta started lifting at 16 years old and has been involved in Olympic Weightlifting since 1992. He competed at a National level as both a junior and senior lifter and remains active as a USAW Technical Official, coach and writer. He can be found at his blog www.weightliftingmindset.com.

Contributing Writers

Amber Sheppard

Andrew Vessey

Angie Sorensen

Bob Takano

Brian Derwin

Chris Matsui

Christopher Branam

Christopher Douglas

CJ Del Baso

Dan Bell

Diane Fu

Eddie Camacho

Edward Baker

John-Paul (JP) Millette

Kevin Cornell

Kevin Roberts

Kirksman Teo

Lindsey Stroker

Marty Schnorf

Mike Graber

Mike Young

Mindy Houser

Nick Horton

Nick Shaw

Rachael Keilin

Sara Krych

Spencer Arnold

Taylor Chiu

Vanessa Nicoletta

Wendy Spies

Wil Fleming

Yasha Kahn

If you’re passionate about weightlifting, come join our team!

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  1. Thanks Jeff for the kind words. I appreciate it. Good luck at the cotnest. Beth, the lifter of mine who I mentioned above, is thinking about going and competing also. She’s one of the ones who does both Oly lifting and Crossfit.While, if I had a lifter who was dead-serious about being a National level lifter, I wouldn’t want them doing CrossFit on the side (too high in the wrong types of volume for a dedicated strength athlete). For most lifters who are basically recreational , I think they are a great match. You get your strength work with me, and your conditioning (Metcon) work with CrossFit. It’s very well rounded.Nick

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