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OLIFT Magazine is the only print and digital magazine in the United States specifically geared focusing on Olympic weightlifting. We aim to Raise The Bar with quality content that is educational, relevant, and entertaining. Print issues are released about once a quarterly basis for purchase in print and digital versions.

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Our magazine reaches barbell enthusiasts, a large and diverse group whom want to learn about weightlifting through our beautifully designed print magazine and all over the web. Magazine advertisements are most effective when the reader is able to experience the brand on paper and on the web through various social media platforms and communication channels. We take your products off the page and engage directly with the audience in ways that they prefer. Our magazine allows advertisers to place links to social media networks, contests, graphs, and videos within the ads, creating an innovative way for the reader and potential customer to develop a relationship with your brand.



Readers get to take a look back at the beautiful past years of weightlifting and learn about a particular era,athlete, or moment that shaped the current era of weightlifting in America.

Education & Research

Learning is critical to improving performance.These pieces will require an in-depth explanation of a specific topic. Our readers will gain a plethora of knowledge from real coaches with proven experiences as they explore OLIFT Magazine.

Coaching: Beginners & Advanced

The best coaches and athletes have decades of experiences, philosophies, and methodologies to share with you. We all have to start somewhere, so why not start with the best material available? Learning the basic fundamentals is something that we can all appreciate,and even as a seasoned veteran, you still have more to learn, no matter how long you have been in the sport.

For media kit or company information, please contact our Publisher at Anton@theoliftmag.com

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