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Episode 35 – Going to Miami: Drugs, Pan Ams, and the AO

JP and Anton discuss the new Lift Clean program and the American Open series 2 briefly, and deep dive on a discussion on the 2017 Pan American Championships.

This year, the competition will be in Miami, FL USA. As we mention on the show, USA Weightlifting is making Weightlifting a destination sport.

The most relevant our men’s team has been in the hemisphere

-JP Nicoletta

Some big name lifters, like Morghan King and Donovan Ford, won’t be in action at the Pan Ams because they will compete at AO Series 2. We believe this is an advantageous strategy because they will be able to lift after knowing the numbers they need to achieve a higher ranking than their counterparts.

2015 Pan Am Games Champion, Kendrick Farris, will not compete at this competition.
2015 Pan Am Games Champion, Kendrick Farris, will not compete at this competition.
Olympian Sarah Robles will be in action and she will fight for gold. She is a top medal prospect as well as almost every TeamUSA female athlete. Some of these lifters include Allyssa Ritchy, Jessica Lucero, Cortney Batchelor, Mary Peck, Mattie Rogers, and Ali Ludwig.

The men’s team is stacked with medal prospects as well. From the 85kg weight category to the 105+, Team USA can bring home hardware. Be on the look out for James Tatum, Colin Burns, D’Angelo Osorio and Caine Wilkes to name a few.

Tune in here:

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Final entry list.

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Stay tuned for great lifting and make sure to watch the competition live on USAWeightlifting’s website.

In this episode we discuss:

00:40 – Lift Clean Program

The Lift Clean Program is a new program that puts athletes on notice about the severity of testing. An athlete was suspended, through this program, at a local competition.

02:45 – Pan American Championships in Miami, FL.

Is weightlifting becoming a destination sport?

04:00 – Previous competitions at casinos.

After the Pan Am Championships, USA Weightlifting will host another Weightlifting competition, the American Open Series 2. The American Open Series 1 debuted in Reno earlier this year, and it was a great meet with quality lifting. Morghan King and Donovan Ford will compete at AO Series 2 with the likely advantageous strategy of knowing what they need to lift in order to best their counterparts. King will look to rank higher than Alyssa and Kathleen Winters; Ford will do the same and be able to lift at his own pace knowing the numbers he needs to beat Osorio and Kitts.

07:00 – How the does the Pan Am Championships help lifters qualify for the Pan Am Games in 2019?

JP briefly explains how scoring works for this competition.

09:00 – Top team predictions 

At the 2015 Pan American Games, Team USA ranked 5th with 2 athletes bringing home the gold and silver medals.

The top teams from this competition were Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Team USA Women’s consisted of Morghan King (-48kg, 4th place), Melanie Roach (-53kg, 7th), and Holley Mangold (75+kg, 5th).

2016 Olympian Morghan King will compete at the American Open Series 2
2016 Olympian Morghan King will compete at the American Open Series 2
On the men’s side, we had Alex Lee (-69kg, Did Not Total), Travis Cooper (-77kg, 4th), Kendrick Farris (-94kg, 1st), and Norik Vardanian (-94kg, 2nd).

At the 2016 Pan American Championships, Colombia cleaned up.

10:30 – Conditions and heat preparation

The humidity in South America has caused problems for Team USA in the past. Many athletes that are used to training in colder or dryer climates struggled to adapt to the conditions.

11:30 – Is Team USA positioned to do better this year?

Team USA is positioned to bring home several medals. This will be, without a doubt, the best international competition for USA Weightlifting since the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships. The home-court advantage may bring us luck.

13:45 – Speculation of inflation for team Mexico entry totals

JP Speculates that there are several inflated totals on the entry list, specifically for Mexico. Because teams don’t have to qualify for this specific event, it’s plausible that you will see intimidating totals from some nations, hence JP’s speculation. However, these teams can change their athletes’ totals at several times before the lifting begins (ie – technical meeting, weigh-ins, and just before lifting). We shall see how JP’s intuitive suspicion holds up.

14:30 – Colombian the Powerhouse Team

Colombia brought home 36 medals at the 2016 Pan American Championships
Colombia brought home 36 medals at the 2016 Pan American Championships
For the 2017 Pan American Championships

  • All lifters projected to medal
  • Reserve team can medal
  • Jeison Lopez is one of the best 77kg Weightlifters in the world and he’s only 18 years old.
  • Plethora of young lifters who will only get better
  • Without CJ Cummings in action, either of the talented Brotherly Duo, Louis Javier, and David Javier (reserve) can win the 69kg class

18:15 – Projected medals on heavy weight classes

  • 85 – James Tatum
  • 94 – Colin Burns
  • 105 – D’Angelo Osorio and Wesley Kits
  • 105+ – Caine Wilkes and Ethan Harak

19:30 – Team USA (men) just wants to score points, but athletes want to win.

The name of the game for this competition is score points. Score a lot of points. Qualify as many team members for the 2019 Pan American Games, and keep the fire burning hot for Tokyo 2020.

21:10 – Team USA (women) has the potential to medal in each weight class

Women’s Squad

Alyssa Ritchey – 48kg
Kathleen Winters – 48kg
Cortney Batchelor – 53kg
Caitlin Hogan – 53kg
Jessica Lucero – 58kg
Mary Peck – 63kg
Mattie Rogers – 69kg
Amy Hay – 75kg
Taylar Stallings – 75kg
Ali Ludwig – 90kg
Marissa Klingseis – +90kg
Sarah Robles – +90kg

Mattie Rogers and Team USA will have an epic battle on their hands as they all will face the Colombia Powerhouse Team.

Sarah Robles (USA, 90+)will fight for gold with Tania Mascorro (MEX, 90+).

25:30 – Venue size and logistics for the Pan Ams and for the American Open to follow

This event will be a logistics nightmare that only USA Weightlifting is equipped to handle. The first competition will be the Pan Am Weightlifting Championships on 21-27 July 2017, and then American Open Series 2 is set for 28 – 30 July 2017. That’s 9 days of weightlifting and about 1,000 athletes in one venue. God speed to USA Weightlifting.

Tune in here:

Live streaming for both events on usaweightlifting.

Final entry list.

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