Episode 30 – Joe Szymanek

This week on the OLIFT Podcast, we interview Joe Szymanek, founder of Joe’s Barbell and Co-host of the Doc and Jock Podcast. Joe and Anton talk Weightlifting, business, and everything in between.


1:30 – How Joe got started in Weightlifting.

4:30 – Joe’s transition to CrossFit and then to Weightlifting.

6:00 – Joe’s first impression of CrossFit

9:00 – Focusing on Weightlifting

14:00 – Online Programming

17:15 – How does Weightlifting help Joe’s business?

21:35 – Technology and tools that help Joe’s business

28:37 – Training Clients

39:20 – What does Joe do differently?

42:00 – Transverse plane movement

Notable Weightlifters Mentioned in this Episode:

Rob Blackwell

Nicole Lim

Phil Sabatini

Mike Burgener

Joe’s Social Media:

Instagram @joesbarbell

Technology Mentioned

Google Drive
Push Press

Anton Jefferson
Anton lifts weights, coaches, and publishes OLIFT Magazine.

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