Episode 29 – Mike Gattone Assistant Technical Director at USA Weightlifting

We’re excited to bring Mike Gattone on the show (@mgattone64). Gattone coached Tara Nott Cunningham, the last American weightlifter to win an Olympic gold medal, and he’s discussing his new role and responsibilities as the Assistant Technical Director at USA Weightlifting.

Mike has a long history in the sport, as an athlete [he first competed in Weightlifting in the year 1982], coach, and with staff member at USA Weightlifting. He’d previously been the High Performance Director for USA Weightlifting, served on the Board of Directors, he was the Competition Director for Weightlifting at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he’s run several Nationals here in the U.S and he was the personal coach of Tara Nott in 2000.  He’s also worked as an assistant strength coach with the Chicago Bulls and before returning back to the USAW he spent a few years working in the strength community  for Gatorade.  

Mike Gattone and Tara Nott-Cunningham
Mike Gattone and Tara Nott-Cunningham, Credit Chicago Tribune


04:30 – What are the responsibilities of the Assistant Technical Director at USA Weightlifting?

05:31 – What is the decentralized model that USA Weightlifting has created following the close of the Olympic Training Center for Weightlifting?

06:10 – When was Mike Gattone’s first Weightlifting competition? And Where?

06:40 – What information does the assistant technical director need to know about the athletes prior to international competition?

09:23 – What type of data does the technical director collect from the athlete’s coach?

10:45 – What’s the process with Pyross Dimas’s role and the athlete’s personal coach?

13:15 – Is Weightlifting a team sport?

16:10 – Now that the OTC is no more, what plans are there for Team USA Weightlifting camps?

18:05 – What’s the athlete recruitment strategy for Team USA Weightlifting?

23:47 – What are the challenges with connecting talented athletes with great coaches?

27:15 – Closing: Talk about the upcoming USA Weightlifting Nationals Senior Championship.

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