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OLIFT Magazine: This is Our Last Issue The Magazine Shuts Down, but the Podcast, Blog, and Store Lives on

Hello dedicated readers of OLIFT,

Thank you for being so overly patient with every anticipated issue.

We are super late with publishing the next issue and there is no excuse that will make it right, so we just decided to put a double issue together and let you decide if it’s good. We know it’s good, but we value your opinions too.

This is the LAST ISSUE EVER FOR OLIFT MAGAZINE, and as we close out this year, I say thank you to all who have supported us so far.

I have decided to shut down OLIFT Magazine today. This means there won’t be any new OLIFT Magazine issues in 2017, and Issue #7 and #8 (set for August 2016, and November but delayed until December) is the final issue.

Thank you to my beautiful wife Destiny Jefferson. You stuck with me and put up with my shenanigans. Thank you to all my friends involved with OLIFT Magazine. Thank you to every writer, every editor, every designer, and every supporter. You all made this happen.

To answer the question “why?”: the main reason is that I’m not in a position to put 100 percent of my time and effort needed into making this magazine great. To be more precise, my wife and I just had our first kid, living overseas and operating a publication isn’t ideal, and my new full-time job (ironically I’m working at another magazine as an editor) demands 100 percent of my attention.

I used to stay up till 4:00 am working on the next issue, and go to work the next day with a euphoric feeling of exhaustion mixed with accomplishment knowing that I was doing something that I loved. Every time our team would collaborate on a new issue, I would think, “This is going to be so amazing! People are going to love this!” And it was.

Somewhere down the road of life and it’s responsibilities, I had to make a choice between my family, my full-time job, and giving people the best of my abilities. That’s when I knew I had to stop producing the quarterly magazine.

Thanks again to all the people who made this magazine special. Thanks especially to my team who stuck it out with me to the very end:

Michelle Mok

Kathy Friend

Elliot Bauer

Harvey Newton

JP Nicoletta

David Boffa

Ed Herger

And special thanks to our subscribers, and all who supported OLIFT Magazine.

With the barbell,

Anton Jefferson, Publisher



I’m in the process of refunding all the subscribers who paid for a subscription on or after Issue #6. It will take some time as I’m doing this manually. If you need a refund urgently (for any reasons), drop me an email ( and I’ll have it processed immediately. If you’d like to receive back issues instead of a refund, that makes things easier, and for making it that easy, I can send over every back issue (digital copies only).

p.s: The OLIFT blog, podcast, and store (where we sell awesome weightlifting tape and t-shirts) will continue because I am able to manage those.


Anton Jefferson
Anton lifts weights, coaches, and publishes OLIFT Magazine.

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