Oscar Chaplin III of the United States in the Men's 85kg in Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece on August 21, 2004. (Photo by Chris Ivin/WireImage)

Interview with Oscar Chaplin III The OLIFT Podcast

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Oscar Chaplin III is a Two-time Olympian, mult-time National Champion and now USAW Hall of Famer in Weightlifting. He is one of the greatest weightlifters in United States history, Oscar began competing in the sport at just 9 years old, won his first National title at age 11, and was the youngest person to make a Junior National team at age 12. He has made national records at every weight class he’s competed in, and still currently holds several Senior American Records.

Oscar is one of the greatest weightlifters in United States history!

He represented the United States in 2000 and 2004 at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia and Athens, Greece, and has been involved with the sport at the highest levels for over 25 years. He was the Developmental Coach at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and now he’s the Head Coach at Strength Power Speed in Oakland, California.

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Oscar is 36 years old, born in Savannah Georgia, and comes from a family of talented weightlifters.

Oscar is very personable and suggest that anyone looking to learn more about him contact him by email: teambsi.2016@gmail.com

Oscar’s Highlights

  • 2016 Weightlifting Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Junior World Champion (2000)
  • Olympic team member (2000 & 2004)
  • Multiple All-Time Junior and Senior American record holder in snatch, clean and jerk, and total
  • Multiple Junior and Senior American record holder in snatch, clean and jerk, and total (1993–1997)

Oscar’s Stats

Coach: Oscar Chaplin Jr.
Team:Blood, Sweat & Iron WLC
Best official lifts: Snatch 166 / 197.5 / 357.5

  • Junior American
    • 77kg Snatch 157.5
    • 77kg C&J 187.5
    • 77kg Total 342.5
    • 85kg 160 Snatch
  • University Records
    • 77kg Snatch 150
    • 77kg C&J 182.5
    • 77kg Total 332.5
  • American (Senior) Records
    • 77kg American record snatch 157.5, 7/21/1999 – New Orleans, LA (Oldest Men’s American record)
    • 77kg American record snatch 342.5, 6/29/2000 – Prague, CZ85kg American record snatch 166, 12/07/2002 – Savannah, GA


Oscar clean and jerking a Junior American Record 192,5kg in the 85kg class at the 2000 American Open Buffalo, New York. This was Oscar’s last meet as a Junior.

The federation’s Male Lifter of the Year in 1998, Chaplin became the first American to win a gold in the Junior World Championships earlier this year in Poland.

Oscar was the previous Pan American Games record-holder in the clean and jerk with -77kg weight class with a 187.5 clean and jerk (Just broken this month) by Colombian lifter Mauricio Caicedo.

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  1. We personally know this man. He is a fine man,from a great hard working,loving family. My husband works with his daddy in Savannah, Georgia, and we call him Big “O”,respectfully of course. Mrs. “O” is also a champion too,along with their son. One great family,we are proud to know them. Watched the Little “O” set a bunch of these records or heard about them from work.

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