Does USA Weightlifting Need a Hero

Heroes are the guys that are courageous, and selfless, and they are highly favored by all because of their spirit and integrity. Heros are the people that our children aspire to be like. Heroes are what make what you believe in worth fighting for. Heroes are unique to each context. In the home, the hero may be the mom, the dad, or the older sibling. … Continue reading Does USA Weightlifting Need a Hero

Donovan Ford’s Comeback #AO2014

Donovan Ford took a leave of absence from weightlifting due to a rotator cuff injury in December of 2013. Some people have probably written him off and many assumed that he may not return. But…there’s always a but…and it’s because he has returned! Not only is Donovan back, but he’s in great shape and he hasn’t lost a step. He is sure to give many … Continue reading Donovan Ford’s Comeback #AO2014