Jon North, President and CEO of the American Weightlifting Federation

Jon has been constantly improving. Maybe it’s the new weight class, maybe it’s the fuel from the haters, maybe he has a goal and no matter what he’s going to reach it. Regardless, great job Jon! Keep “slammin’ bars and making PRs”. #AttitudeNation Just Snatched 170kg for an all time PR at @cal_strength ⭕️⭕️⭕️ ⭕️⭕️⭕️ A video posted by Attitude Nation ⭕️ (@attitudenation) on Oct 10, … Continue reading Jon North, President and CEO of the American Weightlifting Federation

The Mid-American Championships

The Mid-American Championships, by kevin Holbrook The Mid-American Meet is the marquee weightlifting event in the Chicagoland area. Run by Roger Nielsen, the MidAms is always a very well-run and filled-to-capacity meet. Started in 1974 by the Sayre Park Weightlifting Club, the MidAms was intended to fill a gap in the national weightlifting calendar. With several Olympians living in the area, the 1974 meet was … Continue reading The Mid-American Championships

School and Weightlifting

School and weightlifting, weightlifting and school; these are two responsibilities young weightlifters are forced to balance. Some people have three or more responsibilities that they juggling: like: family, or a job. But for the high school aged lifters, life is all about the balance of school and weightlifting. Weightlifting is one of the most time consuming sports in the world. It is required of a … Continue reading School and Weightlifting