Why Your Jerk Sucks

According to Andrew Charniga’s translated Soviet text, “The jerk is missed 50% of the time in International competitions.” If this is true for the world’s best lifters, I know it’s way more prevalent the local and national level. If you still don’t believe me, watch the recent performance of Lu Xiaojun at the 2014 Asian Games. Many lifters can clean a bunch of weight, but that … Continue reading Why Your Jerk Sucks

Free Weightlifting Program Explained

Just over 3 weeks ago I set out to do something ambitious. More ambitious than anything that I have done before. I set out to design a free training program for anyone that wants it. The response has been overwhelming and amazing. Over 1000 people are taking part in this free online training program. I have been busy answering a ton of questions, but thought … Continue reading Free Weightlifting Program Explained

Wendy Wins World Masters

STOP! Before we get to Wendy’s story, we have a video that will inspire all weightlifters! Back to Wendy’s story…… Wendy grew up In the Boot State surrounded by gators and gangsters. Despite the turbulence in her environment, she tirelessly focused on academics as a way to ‘get out’. Wendy went on to graduate from Stanford University and she was on track to become a … Continue reading Wendy Wins World Masters